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Samantha Sin
Samantha Sin is back with a softer look and feel to her debut scene on DL. Don’t get me wrong though ’cause she sure isn’t a soft type girl. This hard edged slutty little vixen sure kept me from getting soft too. I think if the truth be told very few are soft around her especially when she’s slammin’ through hot sexy smokin’ video like this one! Enjoy at Draggin Ladies!

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Cassie Young
Cassie’s back and Rae’s now IRL… holy f*ck! Well actually there’s no f*ckin’ in this new video unless you allow for the fact that it’s just f*cking fantastic! Now, I don’t know about you but this is a serious highlight in SF history; an out-right beauty returns and an all-time cutie turns it up a notch. Speaking of which, DL gets to put another notch it’s belt with this one baby at Draggin Ladies!

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Becca Lynne
This girl reminds me so much of a certain Kristina Apple-something or other. She really smokes well and her seen got a little steamy too. Her manager must have gotten mad at us as he hasn’t contacted us since (and I know he wanted to bring us other girls at one point). Now Becca was supposed to do a full nude but got into it and started touching herself. It was real cool and we were very happy to get that much from her at Draggin Ladies!

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Avena Lee
Hurry, hurry, step right up…Avena’s back and everybody’s got to see this. This long awaited marquee event is here and you won’t be sorry you plunked down your 4 bits (OK it’s a little more than that… step aside son you’re holdin’ up the show). This girl is just an IRL pro like no other. Old PTB couldn’t have brought you anything close to better than this at Draggin Ladies!

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Angelina Dee
Our latest find, Angelina Dee, actually makes nearly everybody happy in her new video for DL. Hell, Americans are happy to hear “the British are coming” for the first time since… well, maybe ever! This cutie is an IRL smoker for sure and she sizzles too! By the way, Angelina’s voice alone makes me stand at attention. With a set never used on our site before, we got a really nice retro look like the fifties probably really never had seen in actuality at Draggin Ladies.

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Allie Ray
Allie Ray came to play… in Allie Ray 3 and left with my heart. Well, I am the director she’s talking about in the free clip (J) but even though I am sure you’ll enjoy the fun we had taping this scene I am not the director that wound up with this fiery little vixen. I think she had a hard choice but being across the country probably cost me. Hat’s off to you David. Good luck… I heard you needed it once already! 😉 I wish you both well at Draggin Ladies.

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Alexis Morgan
A young sweetie to our site! Good smoker, enjoys being naughty on camera and telling her past secrets! We loved watching her get topless and smoke, and smoke and smoke. She promises to return for her climatic ending at Draggin Ladies!

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Adell Lamour
We found Adell full of enthusiasm. Such a cute smile and a girlfriend-like quality. I think she needs some confidence and she’d be right there with the best of them. I am telling you she has a sexy little charm about her that came across in person and probably on video more than in the stills. I think the badness we’ve seen in her is the tip of the berg at Draggin Ladies!

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Addie Juniper
She has made lots of fetish videos, but never a smoking one! We are lucky to get her! Usually all tied up (literally), Addie graced our studio to solo smoke and give an exhibition on the proper use of her favorite toy! We loved watching her smoke and move the toys-for-twats from hand-to-hand. When she returns in November she promises she will give us a great two-girl show at Draggin Ladies.

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Aaralyn Barra
This girl is sure to go to the head of your alphabetical anything (hot girls, IRL smokers, nasty horndogs or what have you). Aaralyn delivers big in this; her debut Dragginladies shoot. She sure makes JV remember why he’s doing this in the first place and hopefully makes you remember you why you keep comin’ around this site at Draggin Ladies.